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Penis extenders have quickly become one of the most popular methods for penis enhancement. As a clinically proven and doctor approved method, the penis extender can increase penis size about 2 to 3 inches, and the results are permanent. Now, while all penis extenders may appear to be very similar, they can often be very different particularly in terms of the results they yield.  Some may be spring loaded, which is usually preferable; the amount of tension may also be different.

What Makes the Perfect Penis Extender?

We have lined up some of the super performing penis extenders, and our results are based on which penis extender gives the optimal, fastest and most comfortable results.  Our editors and reviewers have all come to agree that the most outstanding penis extenders in the market truly comes down to these penis extenders.

1. X4 Labs

X4 LabsThe penis extender that has been developed by X4 Labs, a Canadian based manufacturer, has for several years been considered the most advanced penis extender available. The X4 Labs device allows you to use multiple straps, including their exclusive Comfort Strap Technology. When compared to other penis extenders, X4 Labs offers various size options, rather than a one-size fits all mentality. This means that if you are on the smaller side, the X4 Extender will work for you!

X4 Labs Review

2. EuroExtender

EuroExtenderThe EuroExtender is a Comfort Strap based device, meaning that it uses a wider strap for fixiation. This is typically the preferred method of stretching for circumcised men, and ensures a minimal amount of slippage. It is also a well priced penis extender, and a penis enlargement system is also offered by EuroExtender, including a variety of bonuses, as well as male enhancement pills.

EuroExtender Review

3. ProExtender

ProExtenderThe third pick on our list of penis extenders is the ProExtender, a device developed by the same makers of VigRX Plus. The ProExtender is a European designed penis extender that uses a thin strap to fasten the penis to the device. While the ProExtender is a relatively good penis extender, the ProExtender falls short in areas like customer support, and spare parts, which can often be detrimental to a long term penis enlargement program.

ProExtender Review

4. SizeGenetics

SizeGeneticsThe SizeGenetics penis extender, or penis enlargement device is an effective product, but it is important to note that SizeGenetics is a resller of the JesExtender device. That being said, SizeGenetics offers a comprehensive penis enlargement system, which includes the penis extender, their penis exercises, and a variety of other bonuses, targetted at improving your sexual performance. Its comprehensive penis enlargement system has been doctor approved, as well as featured on the BBC.

SizeGenetics Review

Benefits of Penis Extenders

  • Increase Erection Strength 35%
  • More Confidence
  • Larger Size
  • Doctor Approved

Penis extenders have been particularly successful in helping to correct penile curvature, a deformation of the penis, which can often make it difficult to partake in sexual activity. By applying small amounts of stress to the penile shaft, the penis extender can correct damaged tissues by forcing them to break down and eventually reconstruct themselves.

Doctors in the United States, Canada, and Europe have all recommended the X4 Labs Penis Extender as one of the most effective methods for penis enhancement

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